Articles from Aguigui’s hometown newspaper

  • Articles from Aguigui’s hometown newspaper

    Fighting and Landing: The best part of bonefishing is the runs. The fish run at 25 to 30 mph and go 100 to 200 yards out. Apparently the reel spins at 10,000 rpm when you have a bonefish on your line. That trip to Helmand, in April 2006, put a face to the fragmentary information I had been hearing for more than two years. I had already interviewed truck drivers, farmers, police, and several governors from the southern provinces. The insurgents, they said, had teamed up with criminals.

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    On Aug. 30, a Flour Bluff ISD student told police a man driving a dark blue car approached her at a school bus stop on Yorktown Boulevard and Sweet Bay Drive. The Flour Bluff student described a man with darker skin, short black hair and facial hair.

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