First thing the pastor says to the other pastor is

  • First thing the pastor says to the other pastor is

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    Monokinis swimwear And Mrs. Nerdface to come to our row and tell us thanks for coming and give us a hug or whatever takes so fucking long after a wedding. First thing the pastor says to the other pastor is, and I quote, « Thats the worst wedding Ive ever done. » Other pastor you cant hear as well but he like bikini, « oh really swimwear sale, mmmmumble mmmumble, think, why did you mmmmumble mmmumble. » Then you hear the first dumb ass pastor louder than ever, « OH ALL THAT STAR WARS STUFF IT WAS TERRIBLE » Just broadcasting loud as day over the speakers in the church sanctionary, I mean everybody clearly heard that this was the worst wedding this guy had ever done Monokinis swimwear.