Keep It Real, a son of Real Artist, was a $40,000 yearling

  • Keep It Real, a son of Real Artist, was a $40,000 yearling

    This list is reserved for young athletes who are in line to have breakout years. In the past, we listed athletes who were fairly unknown at the time but have names you sure recognize now, such as Tim Tebow, Steven Stamkos and Lindsey Vonn. With that in mind, here are the choices for athletes to watch in 2016..

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    Marchesi said that he’s providing a service that’s done at banks and grocery stores, that his company has been an industry leader and that his company does not gouge customers. He said his charges are 40 percent less than his competitors. He said his company charges $1 per day per $100 loaned and such fees are lower than the bank charges for bouncing a check..

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