)No more scraping glue with putty knives! No more inhaling

  • )No more scraping glue with putty knives! No more inhaling

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    Canada Goose Outlet (I use sturdy wide mouth pliers to grab the base of each object and pull it off the bed.)No more scraping glue with putty knives! No more inhaling acetone vapors! No more sniffing hair spray between prints! (Gosh I miss the 60’s.)3) Easily replaceable nozzleI’m about to murder my Ultimaker 2 printer because swapping out the print nozzle is nearly impossible without permanently damaging the heat sensor. As a rule, 3D printers should have nozzles that are easy to change out. The print nozzle is the single most frequently removed part of the printer because you sometimes need to clean it or even drill it out to a larger diameter (I don’t print anything with less than a 0.5mm diameter nozzle, and I often run them at 0.7mm).With a lot of other printers, you have to buy their proprietary nozzles. Canada Goose Outlet

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